Teale Photography and Dallas Wilson Wedding Films are coming together to provide an incredible weekend of learning and experience!

This is a hands on workshop in beautiful Rosemary Beach, FL! We all know we learn best by doing, but I think we learn even more when we 'do' with others. True growth comes from experiences that get us out of our comfort zones and give us space to try new things! Trying new things in beautiful places is always a bonus!

Our goal is equip and inspire you to a greater love and understanding of your way of shooting weddings and portraits, while knowing who you are as a business from start to finish. This workshop will also equip you to shoot along side wedding cinematographers to combine your talents to get the best moments ever!

If you want to make your passions into a business, this is for you! If you need inspiration and encouragement to get you to the next level of success and joy as a photographer, this workshop is for you! If you are a veteran, but you need new inspiration and a new approach to your posing...this is for YOU! If you are in need of great new portfolio work, this is definitely for you!


        Take away knowledge:

  • emotional rich posing techniques

  • portrait photography techniques

  • wedding photography techniques

  • connecting with your clients

  • live shooting with couples, brides, details and more!

  • how to book destination weddings

  • working together with cinematographers

  • pricing and contracts

  • branding and style

  • web presence and social media

  • lightroom workflow

  • extensive editing class with body editing

  • portfolio improvement

  • instagram marketing and advertising

  • workflow from booking to post-production

  • business management

  • new personal headshots by Teale for your website

  • big goal setting

  • apply to become a Teale Photography associate Photographer

Rosemary Beach is located along the famous and beautiful 30a in the Gulf of Florida!  The town and it's beaches provides gorgeous backdrops for a beautiful learning experience.

Real couples, individuals and decor designers are provided for your shooting experience.

All meals and beach house accommodations are provided with your workshop price.

We will guide you through shooting a variety of wedding and engagement lifestyle poses, along with decor photography.

All your photos may be used for your promotional purposes! What a great way to create a portfolio of stunning moments!

Spots are limited so registered now!





Your investment for this Weekend workshop : $1500

"Mentoring with Teale and Justin was the one of the best decisions I could have made. And it's something I would do again! They gave me clear vision for the direction I wanted my business to go, empowered me to be confident in chasing my dreams, and were so eager to teach me through out the day. Watching them work their magic with the camera, the settings, and their interactions with the couples made all the difference. They answered all my crazy questions and made sure I walked out of there with a thriving goal and business plan. At the end of the day I knew better how to tackle wedding inquiries and keep them better organized, how to naturally interact with my couples, and my favorite- how to relax and let my creativity drive me. This husband and wife team have a unique approach to photography from the first client email to the delivery of the gallery. And it works. They are encouraging, full of life, and have a true desire to see your business grow. I owe where I am as a photographer to them! Thanks Teale and Justin! "- Kelsey Hawkins

"Hands down my favorite day as a photographer. Thank you for everything Teale! The amount I'vr grown as a photographer since I met you is immeasurable! " Mary Lea Photography

"Couldn't sleep last night because I was reliving yesterday over and over in my mind. My soul needed this and I am so thankful for all of you! Thank you Teale Photography for an amazing experience" Millie

"Teale and Justin. Wow. Where do I begin? These two God loving, family oriented, gems of people are just absolutely AMAZING! They are so encouraging and so talented and so helpful. I cannot thank them enough for all the love and support they have shown me thus far in my new business. I learned SO much hanging out with them for an entire wedding day, mentoring and shadowing them for 12 hours. There was not a time when asking a question was unacceptable. They encourage you to ask as many questions as you want. Whatever you want whenever you want. If you don't ask a question, they will ask you if you're okay, and it's so comforting to know that they truly do want you to succeed. I encourage every photographer, new or experienced to mentor with them at least once! They also prayed over me at the end of the night and it helped give me hope and faith that my business will do wonders. Here I am a couple months later with a flourishing business and it's all because of these guys! They gave me so much information and I took it and ran! Mentor with them. You won't regret it!"-Xo, Rendy Taylor"

"Thank you Teale Photography for opening the gates of knowledge to us at your workshop. The tips and pointers you were willing to share with us all are pieces gold in our tool kits. If you are a photographer looking for a mentorship, check out Teale and her team!"- Maria Latham Photography

Teale's workshop surpassed everything I could imagine. Little did I know I would be surrounded by amazing creative that love Jesus, were supportive, talented and encouraging, and crazy talented. I learned so much and have so many takeaways! Sending a big thank you to Teale Photography for sharing so much knowledge and wisdom with us. You've helped me grow in so many ways and yesterday's lessons and memories are worth more than gold." - Blue Jenes Photography