kyle.courtney.san diego

This has to be my favorite engagement session of the year. Not just because of the soft sun rays, twinkling fall leaves and crimson flow of Courtney's dress, but most importantly because Courtney is one of my closest friends whom stood by my side while I said my vows and will ever be in my life. Courtney's steadfast truth captures my heart and will forever keep us close. I am so thankful of God's precise choosing of friends and their understandings of our heart's ways. Kyle and Courtney were nothing short of charming and giddy during their beautiful session to celebrate their engagement. Drive until the roads lessen; to where the hills begin to rise to the falling sky; where barbwire meets the bramble and the horses taunt and stomp in their Jurassic closet of grass and long forgotten fencing.

This would have been the poetic map left to any who dare to follow to where Kyle and Courtney held their tryst. Stunning... dipping behind a cowboy's kiss and a Notebook dip; only Moments later fully brazened in a Scarlett dress against all the rugged colors the land. This was a shoot that rode out to where secrets begin and, like a brilliant wind, arrived, had it's way with all it touched, and disappeared over the splendorous hills.

Kyle and Courtney are a standing testament to a resilient affection that truly made the heart grow fonder until they could in fact be together. Congratulations to my friends, a beautiful couple and people that are most certainly and simply Love in my humble opinion.

I look forward to May 2012 when I have the privilege of being by her side for the most incredible wedding of the year!