There's nothing that quite says romance that hoodwinking your bride-to-be as you gear up to propose to her. I personally feel it's a lost art this day in age to truly deliver an authentic surprise as a proposal. My hat's off to Russell for doing such and in the same vein, to Jessica as well, for allowing herself to not "pre-plan" every aspect pf her wedding before it actually began to truly get in motion. Their engagement shoot was tucked away in the nooks and crannies of Historic Leipers Fork in one of Middle Tennessee's most beautiful areas and it didn't disappoint...It wielded wild fields, novel horse fencing and Country sun-flare from everywhere. Ode to the soon-to-be Frazier's as they embark on not only the journey of marriage, but also on spending that first sacred year of oneness in service to God on the mission field in Haiti. What a brave couple indeed! To support Russell and Jessica in their first year of marriage in HAITI or to buy supplies for the Orphanage,visit their website by clicking HERE