anthony.nikki.san diego

Anthony and Nikki gifted all in attendance of their special day by fashioning picturesque ocean-side and San Diego chic. The crashing waves and seascape for all its grandeur played but a backdrop to this wedding, which wasted no time setting the tone for a swank, serene and playfully sexy sojourn into what happens when you mingle newlyweds and nuance. This shoot captured a wonderful balance of bright and sleek glimpses into two worlds; Halcyon piers, tantalizing fudge-plates, bronze-hearted shoes, subtle pinstripes and fish tacos all woven together like the burlap-strung mason jars that dotted the venue. The James are a beautiful couple and I believe they will do, for many, many years, what their special day managed to accomplish: Blend two unique worlds and hearts in joyful harmony.