Location: Wikiup Ranch, Santa Rosa, Ca John and Charity spent a week amongst family and friends in what can only be described as a historically, romantic tryst among trysts. Wikiup Ranch is a half Villa half barn and altogether seeped in antiquity, having now been converted into a modern day estate, complete with hardwood floors and horse stables. Around quiet corners you find dilapidated wratchets and perfectly neglected hallways. Further still you'd stumble across bouquets in Boots, making this shoot as whimsical as it was Western. a chivalrously tipped Navy cap and some shoulder-mounted dance moves were only matched the resplendent wildflowers and homemade pies.

Throughout the day John and Charity were full of Joy and excited to ring in their new life together beneath the stars and affectionately strung lights. Congratulations to a beautiful couple who will, without doubt, Love one another with all their hearts.